My Top Foundations for Super Oily Skin plus a Secret Weapon

Recently I have been reviewing a whole bunch of different foundations on either my Snapchat or Instagram Story. It started out as a bit of fun as I thought others may be interested in seeing my views on new products I had purchased. It then turned into somewhat of a frenzied mission of me purchasing a couple of new foundations a week to see if they really did hold up to their (sometimes ridiculous) claims, and prove themselves on my skin which usually resembles an oil slick by noon. My followers responded so well I thought it may be a good idea to collate all the information into a blog post on the ones I found came through for me on a day where I didn't have the time to touch up (every freakin' day), or I just wanted to slay...all day.

Before I begin, I'll give you a quick run down on exactly how I tested out these products. I applied all foundations the same way - moisturised face, no primer, with a damp beauty sponge, and set with MAC Cosmetics Mineralise Skinfinish Natural Powder. I wore each foundation for a minimum of ten hours and checked in three times with Snapchat or Instagram during the day. Once when freshly applied, once at around lunch, and lastly around 5/6pm.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

Sephora US | $36 USD

This foundation had me at 'hello'. I initially used two pumps and decided it wasn't enough coverage (I like it FULL, sister) so added a further half pump. This sufficed perfectly and left my skin completely covered and flawless. It glided over my fine lines and the only dry spot on my face (between the brows) beautifully and left what can only be described as a satin finish which kind of threw me as this foundation is marketed as a 'comfort matte'. Regardless, the slight moisture seemed to do wonders for my skin as throughout the day it didn't settle into my frown lines, nor my laugh lines - WIN! This beauty also left me feeling flawless and 100% matte (no touch ups to be seen here) all damn day. For me, this is almost unheard of so I was beyond wrapt and I am happy to place this at the top of my current list as my new 'holy grail'.


• Stayed matte ALL DAY, HUNAYYY

• Oil control formula that actually works

• Flawless, full coverage when built up, but can also be used as a sheer to medium coverage for those days you just want to half slay

• Extra long-wearing

• Didn't settle into any fine lines or dry spots

• Didn't transfer

• Didn't break up around my nose or chin area (HUGE problem areas on the break up front for me)

• It's in a plastic tube so when you think you've used it all, never fear! Cut the tube open and you've still got a weeks worth of foundation left - hell YES!


• SHITE shade range! This line offers far too many pink undertoned shades and not enough neutral/yellow undertones (my pet hate in this world is pink undertones - will explain further in another blog post)

• You do have to use a bit of product to get it to be super full coverage

• It's heavily scented like peaches. To me, this is a pro but I know a lot of people hate scented stuff and it could also wreak havoc with those super-sensitive skin types

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Farmers | $60 NZD

Of all the foundations I have ever used, this is the most versatile. It works with any, and I mean ANY skin type. Even though it is marketed as an 'oil-control' formula, it seems to suit everyone - creating a smooth and even canvas on skin both mature and young. It is not heavy or cakey, and coverage is build-able. It can be sheered out by adding a drop or two of moisturiser or primer, or you can build it up until it's six inches thick on you face and it will never do you wrong. This is an absolute staple my kit and is used on each and every client; they never fail to comment on how flawless and long-lasting their makeup is. Although just recently the above Too Faced foundation has taken the number one spot in my heart, Sudio Fix had been my ride or die for about two years running, so this review is written as if it was old friend. We've seen it all together - festivals, concerts, sweaty summer days, and 60 hour working weeks. When I use this on myself, I apply a $2 coin sized amount on my face and it covers all imperfections beautifully. It lasts a good seven hours before I start to see oil break through around my nose area, and it does break up around my chin around this time also. After a quick touch up, we are usually good to go for another seven hours. The breaking up and oil is nothing obvious to the untrained eye, and if I wasn't such a perfectionist when it comes to how my base looks, I'd be incredibly happy with the results. And I was, for two years! I can not emphasise enough how truly amazing this product is. Even though I have ventured further afield, this will continue it's long reign in my kit for many years to come.


• Versatility. It can be made as sheer as can be, but also super full coverage depending in how you like it

• Incredible colour range! This foundation comes in 42 different shades which cater to all undertones and skin colours

• Lasts up to 15 hours on a lot of my clients, and holds up to 10 hours looking good on my oil slick skin

• Doesn't feel heavy on the skin

• It's a non-drying matte texture

• Works for all skin types

• Has a great (but not as good as old mate, Too Faced) oil control formula


• Comes in an annoyingly heavy glass bottle with no pump

• Can oxidise so please ensure you sample it before committing to a whole bottle

• Kind of smells like paint

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation

Sephora NZ | $79 NZD

Never in all my life have I used a product that could cover all my sins (and there are many) with literally a pea sized amount. This foundation is FULLLLLLLL coverage, gf! Definitely not for the faint-hearted, or those who aren't about that makeup life. I was OTT excited to try this foundation after all the rave reviews I had heard (I am VERRRRY late to the bandwagon on this one), but let me tell you, nothing or nobody could've prepared me for this experience. I applied three dots (these dots are small. Smaller than your ex) to one half of my face and started to blend...30 seconds later and I almost DIED at how incredible my skin looked! This post was on the verge of bring typed by a ghost, that is how ridiculously, deliciously gorgeous the coverage and finish was. I went about my work day wth great joy - my colleagues and clients couldn't stop commenting on how flawless my complexion looked and I had to agree (hello, Mrs Big Head). The foundation stayed matte up until around 4pm; I never touched it up, but had I of, I think the results would've been amazing. Considering I had initially applied such a thin layer, re-blending and powdering (my go-to touch up routine) wouldn't have caused any cake and I probably would've got another good five to seven hours of flawless, oil free wear. The one and only downside to this whole amazing, foundation-y goodness was that Mr Marc did settle quite badly into my fine lines between my brows and also moderately into my laugh lines which usually isn't a problem for me at all. Overall, I was highly impressed and ventured on to try a bit of a cocktail the next day - Too Faced down the centre of my face and Re(Marc)able on the remainder. HOLY GRAIL, COME AT ME!


• A little goes a looooooong way. This foundation packs a punch with even the smallest amount, which would be great for summer if you're looking for full coverage without that heavy, cakey feel

• Again, an amazing shade range with a great range of different undertones

• Oil control formula that actually works

• Super lightweight

• Doesn't transfer

• Long-wearing


• Expensive. In saying this however, because you use such a small amount, I'd expect a bottle to last me about a year and I wear full coverage everyday without fail

• The bottle is out the gate. The applicator does my head in and although luxe, the glass bottle is heavy and would not be ideal for travelling

• May not be ideal for drier skin types due to the settling I experienced

Last but definitely not least, I'd like to introduce you to my personal secret weapon...

Cover FX Custom Blot Drops

Sephora NZ | $63 NZD

This. Is. Magic. My nose gets shinier than the diamond ring emoji, usually by early afternoon, and this tiny little bottle has saved my bacon more times than I can count since I purchased it a few months ago. These clear, slightly thick in consistency drops can be used as a primer (my personal favourite way to use), mixed into your foundation, or OVER (so weird to me, but it really does work) your foundation when you feel the need to touch up, blot, etc. It doesn’t change the feeling of your foundation if you do choose to mix it in, nor does it alter the way it applies which is a huge bonus. It is virtually undetectable but boy, does it work! This has been used under my Studio Fix before I discovered the Too Faced foundation and it extended oil control by a good five-ish hours. We don’t need a pro’s and con’s list here, every shiny gal pal should whip out and purchase these babies ASAP!

Hopefully this has helped some of you out, or you've fallen asleep reading it. Either way is a bonus really. I'd love to hear if you have tried any of these products and how they worked out for you - even if you aren't oily like me!


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